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Zennyo Ryuo







My client sat for three days at a convention to get this piece. Zennyo Ryuo is the rain-god dragon in Japanese mythology.

I had a three day session with Jon at a tattoo convention in Austin. I’ve been admiring his work for several years while I was living in Charlotte. It was serendipitous that I’d get an opportunity to work with him even after I moved to Austin.

I have not been disappointed with the results and am thrilled with how it’s healed. The color remains very vibrant. I’ve never healed using saniderm before and it was a beautiful experience.

And if you’re concerned at all about pain just know it’s a part of the process but that Jon is not heavy handed at all with his approach. In the areas where he could be gentle, he most certainly was. I’m honored to be a client. You won’t regret working with Jon. His art speaks for itself. Simply put he’s one of the best artists out there. And genuinely just a good dude too. Thanks for everything! Can’t wait to get started on our next piece! :)

Chris L.

Zennyo Ryuo
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  • The verrrrry short answer is: sometimes. It depends on a lot of things - namely my schedule.

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